Caflon Training

In order for you to feel comfortable, be successful and to abide by UK law it is necessary that those wishing to pierce ears receive the required training and certification.

Caflon Face to Face Training

Groups of up to 10 students where you will be able to ask questions and feel comfortable in a safe environment to be able to master the full technique for safe Caflon Ear Piercing.

Prices and Kits


Full kit incudes all the kit you need to be able to set up your Caflon Ear Piercing business!!

  • 1 Instrument
  • 2 sets of 12 piercing studs
  • 1 set of 12 titanium piercing studs
  • Box of 100 medi wipes
  • 1 Ear Piercing registration book
  • 1 box of 20 x 30ml bottles of aftercare solution
  • 1 Non-toxic marking pen
  • Caflon Training Certificate

Standard Kit includes

  • 1 Instrument
  • 2 sets of 12 piercing studs
  • 2 wipes
  • 2 bottles of aftercare solution
  • Caflon Training Certificate

Basic Kit includes

  • 1 Instrument
  • 1 set of 12 piercing studs
  • 2 wipes
  • 1 bottle of aftercare solution
  • Caflon Training Certificate


Caflon Training with Full Kit £180
Caflon Training with Standard Kit£140
Caflon Training with Basic Kit £125
Your own kit is required for all courses

To book please contact me direct

Next date – to be confirmed

Location – Swindon

About Caflon

Legendary British Engineering

The British are known for their design and engineering excellence. Some of the finest products in the automotive, medical, and manufacturing world come from the United Kingdom. At Caflon, our British heritage is reflected in the superior quality of every ear piercing component we make. From our precision instruments and piercing studs, to our after piercing care, Caflon utilizes advanced eco-friendly manufacturing technology to create the safest ear piercing systems at the lowest prices.

Our Promise to You

As an International Company operating in the business of Ear Piercing our reputation for high standards is crucial to our business success. We continually strive to provide the best service and quality products, at affordable prices, to our customers.

Assuring you of our best attention.

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