Body Piercing

Welcome to Sharon’s Beauty For All  Piercing

I am fully trained, insured and licensed to perform ear piercing and Body piercings using either CAFLON gun system for lobes, or a sterile needle.  I can perform ear piercings on body the from the waist up.

  • All ear piercings take place in the private studio in my home*
  • The price is from £25
  • I come highly recommended see my Facebook reviews
  • Take your time to choose the earrings (lobes only)
  • All Body piercings have sterile titanium piercings
  • No public display of the piercing being performed
  • I am very patient and have disposable ice packs to hand if you need them to cool the ears down afterwards
  • I am fully qualified
  • I am fully insured
  • I am registered and licensed by Swindon Borough Council
  • I always have a selection of earrings to choose from for the lobes
  • A full consultation takes place

*All under 18’s MUST have the parent or legal guardian present

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Piercing Price Jewellery
Nostril /Daith / Tragus / Helix / Conch £25.00 Titanium Jewellery
Naval or Eyebrow £30 Titanium Jewellery
Lobe Piercing with a needle for both ears £40 Titanium Jewellery
Ear Piercing, 1st, 2nd, 3rd’s (with the gun)


£25 for both Choice of Jewellery
Scaffold / Industrial £40 Titanium Jewellery
Jewellery Change £5 Bring your own